Window Mode Mouse Problem

I’ve noticed that my mouse doesn’t work properly in windowed mode. There is no East or South movement, though the keyboard directions work perfectly.

When I initially installed the game and switched to ‘window’ the mouse worked for 5-10 minutes then it lost South, rebooted computer without success, then later it lost East as well.

Had the game 2 weeks and it still does this in windowed mode though works perfectly in full screen.

Fairly sure its an in-game issue.

Thanks for the report roo, I’ve written it down.

So it works when you first start the game, but then it stops working after some time?

Hi Daniel,

When I bought the game the mouse worked properly just the one time in window mode. Thats why I rebooted the system as I thought it may be an installation glitch. No success.

Ever since then the mouse has had no East or South in window mode.

The game works perfectly in full screen mode, which is why I thought it was an in-game issue.

I don’t use window mode a lot, just when I waiting for important messages or need some data quickly - I can get by with using the keyboard for now :smiley:

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