UI suggestions

So far I am loving the game, but did notice some UI tweaks might make it more enjoyable for me. Perhaps others may agree too:

  • the combat mode is very useful, but I got in serious trouble because I kept forgetting to turn it off after an attack. Perhaps it is an idea to make this more visibly different than the normal gamemode?

  • Because I have a large display, I don’t play the game in fullscreen, but in windowed mode (1280x1024). This make the GUI a bit small, would it be possible to give us an option to change the size of the GUI scale?

Keep up the good work!

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Good suggestions. Definitely heard the combat mode suggestion before. How about having the fight music on whenever someone is in combat mode?

Interesting idea with the UI scaling, I might have a look at it later.

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That is not a bad idea! Personally, I would prefer a visual indicator, because I don’t always have the music on… :sweat_smile:

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