Teleporting Foundies - No Skills Required :P

Teleporting seems to occur when near a corner in a room and commonly when beds are situated in a corner. Building furniture near a wall corner (even on the outside) can cause teleporting to another room or outside.

  1. Teresa was building in a corner on an upper floor wall before being teleported

  1. Foundie studying in a corner > saved game > restarted game > Foundie now above on 1st floor

  1. Building a block of clothes stands: teleportation normally occurs when the 2nd stand has been completed

The teleporting inside probably happens with all furniture - its just that clothes stands tend to be the one of the few items that get built in numbers along with chairs/stools.

That and the fact that I always use the instant moving Mod means that I build them in a bunch.

Though it has happened numerous times when near corners when building in furniture close to walls, T-intersections and corners :upside_down_face:

Edit: Even happens when building fence railings near the top of staircases - though not all the time.

Thanks a lot @roo! I’ve saved this thread for when I get to investigating it.

If anyone else sees this and has other methods to teleport villagers reliably, feel free to post them here, too!