Save Bug Causing Load Game To Error

Hello! Today there is a wind storm where I live, which in turned killed the power in my apt while I was playing. I then opened up the game again and now every time I try to click “Load Game” I get this error and I can’t actually load any saves as they don’t show as you can see in the screenshots below;

Hey @GarnetAnimations, sorry for that issue!

It seems like your save file got corrupted because of the storm. However, it is strange that you say you can’t load any save files anymore? Are all the autosaves broken, too?

If all saves are broken, you can send them to me so I can check if I can find out more.

Yea, all saves including auto-saves broke and won’t show up in the load game menu here is the entire folder inside the saves folder;

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Thanks @GarnetAnimations. At the moment we’re super busy with the next Update release, but I put your save on our list!

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