Questions from a newcomer

I just bought the game and I love it! But I was wondering if it is possible for the colonists to have children eventually? And is there going to be more furniture in the furture? Maybe more clothing possibilities? Or that you have a few options to change the colour of the walls. Again I don’t know what is possible or not, I was just wondering.

Anyway keep up the good work!!!


Hi @Bentheenajax! I’m sorry I don’t know for certain if those things will ever be added by the developers in the future. What I can do for you is give you this link to the games Roadmap. These are the things that they are definitely thinking about.

What I want to point out in particular is the first thing on the list “Mod Support”. This is what gets me excited! If the game gets mod support, then all the things you’re asking about might be added by mod makers who have the same interests, even if the developers themselves don’t add it into the game! Once a game has mod support, nearly anything is possible!

I noticed this is your first post, welcome to the community! Have lots of fun while you’re here! :grin:


so a aging process is what you want hu ? well that could be interesting but it would need a long (play)time for them to grow up, and of course growing old and die would take even longer, but that would still be interesting to see, would it affect abilities ?