Only female show up

Hey guys,

I only have females show up at the bonfire and no males. I had this in a previous save as well (10 colons), before alpha8, and thought it was just a coincidence. But now in my new save my first 3 new colons arrived are female as well.
I have one male from the start, so he is a lucky guy, but is this a bug that no males show up, or is it really a coincidence?

Just you, i suggest it’s a bug ^^

Try saving just before the bonfire spawns a new colonist, and keep reloading that save to get random new colonists and maybe it will change.

Being “random”, getting 100% female colonists is exactly as likely as any other combination, such as all male, 50/50 male to female, or 30/70.

Do you think it should be less random, and give at least 30% of each sex?

It’s the first time I hear this feedback, so I’m guessing it’s a coincidence :slight_smile:

Xaviien’s suggestion is pretty good: Save the game right before a new migrant arrives and see what the chances are.

Going to try that… I got 2 more colons yesterday and both are female as well… So let’s see if saving before works.
I don’t think it should be less random, but having 12 female arrivals devided over 2 different saves makes it feel like something is not going right :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah it’s actually hilarious that this happened to you!
You haven’t been messing around in the game files, have you? Set “newColonistPossibleGender = female, 1; male, 0” :laughing:

You will need to reload that save around 100 times to even get a decent chance to see how random it is. 1,000 would be better.
If you reload 100 times and only get 100 female colonists, send that save game to :rofl:
And me. Save a copy for me, too!


Why is it so hilarious that it happens to me?? Is it because I have boy in my nickname? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can relieve those @Weerwolfboy. For me it is the same. 6 girls. And i’m a Lady - lol


Back in Alpha 6 people complained there were no female colonists. Now there are too many.
Oh, how the tables have turned :joy:

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At the moment this is not a problem. I am leading an Amazonen colony. lol But should we be allowed to expect babies at some point, that would of course be a problem. After all, my colonists are not seahorses. lol


Haha no, I just meant its hilarious that it happened to someone!

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Best of all, one of those girls had my own first name and she was stupid. But I’ve stopped her now. She can learn now. Education is everything. Otherwise I would have had to rename it to the name of my neighbor lol


Here is a save 2 seconds before a new migrant appears.
I seem to be getting a very even mix of 1:1 male:female, so would be interested if you have the same experience @Weerwolfboy.

%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive\Founders Fortune\saves\Alpha 8.0.4

This happened to me in Crusader Kings II where I birthed 6 or 7 females (and you need men in that game to continue your lineage). Just goes to show that even in a game that’s been well-groomed and released years ago can have the same result, so it could just be luck.