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How do I move furniture, after it is built - like the beds, or the campfire?


Hi @Headbash! Just drag it with your mouse.

We really should explain that better :smiley:


if you cant move a bed or campfire then it is in use even if the colonist isnt there yet as long as he plans on using it, its blocked from being moved.

edit: reminds me i had a Sofa i ended up deleting because i was moving the colonist but the sofa was blocked but no one was planning on sitting there so after a day it was still locked i deleted it, no choice left, could this have something to do with deleting the floortiles in the area ?

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Hm, shouldn’t have anything to do with floor tiles, but if it happens again, save the game and send it to me so I can check it out! :slight_smile: