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Hi Daniel

  1. How did you find out about Founders’ Fortune?
    I found out about Founder’s Fortune through Colonel Failure’s YT channel … after watching his first go at the game, I thought that looks interesting and went to Steam and bought it.
    My first computer was a Sinclair Spectrum 48K (1983) … can you imagine playing on a computer with 48Kb ram and 4.7 Mhz CPU … I then advanced to an Amiga 500 (7.4 Mhz) then Amiga 1200 (20 Mhz which I still have in the celler) … after Amiga (Commadore) went broke I turned to PC’s (1995 200 Mhz) and now PC with 3,0 Ghz 4 core

  2. Have you played other colony simulators before? Base building games? What do you like about them?
    Well as you can imagine from the above I’ve played quite a few games over the last 36 years … at first mostly text adventures (Spectrum 48K) … on the Amiga I then became a fan of simulation/city building games as in Railroad Tycoon,The Settlers, from which I’ve played all versions, I also liked the early RTS games such as Earth 2160 … nowadays its mostly Railway games Transport Fever, Railway Empire … and Indie Mashinky, Railroad Corporation and city build Cliff Empire, Mercury Fallen, Depraved, Space Colony to name a few and now Founders Fortune … I like it when these games have a Sandbox Mode so you can take your time and experiment, instead of having to rush things … but Sandbox should have starting options to set it up, as in more/less/endless money and random maps

  3. What’s your favorite other game? Why?
    This is hard to answer … all Railway games and City building as the above list shows, my favorit though is Railway Empire

  4. What’s your opinion on Indie games vs big budget blockbusters?
    I like watching the way the Indie games develop … two good examples are Cliff Empire and Depraved … the Dev’s from these games are always putting out updates, whereas with AAA games the updates come every couple of months or longer although there are known bugs in the game
    So that’s it from me … as you can see from the above I’m one of the older generation (67) … wish you the best of luck with this project and I will be following you on your journey


Oh wow, that’s quite a history. Welcome to the community @Knightwish !

Hi Knightwish,

Welcome to the FF community :smiley:

Think you will find a number of us have similar backgrounds and age brackets, so no probs there.

Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do

roo :upside_down_face:

Hi! I’m Natalie! I really like your game. Well done guys!

How did you know about Fortune ’ Fortune?
Looked at the review on YT.
You’ve played other simulation of a colony before? Base building games? What do you like about them?
Played in Cities Skylines, Anno 1800( and earlier versions), Life is Feudal: Forest Village Ostriv`. Sims 4 (and early versions) I like all city building simulators. I like to build :crazy_face:
What’s your favorite other game? Why?
Sims 4 (and early versions) Like to build beautiful houses, to think through the interior, to do landscaping.
What do you think about indie games versus big budget blockbusters?
I think that when a person is engaged in a favorite pastime that’s good.
And if this activity brings benefit and joy to others, it’s just great! :+1:


Hi Natalie,

Welcome to the forum again :smiley:


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Hi, I’m Graham from the UK.

  • How did you find out about Founders’ Fortune?
    The excellent Colonel Failure on Youtube is currently featuring it on his channel. It seemed like something I would enjoy so I bought it at the weekend.

  • Have you played other colony simulators before? Base building games? What do you like about them?
    I’m fairly new to the genre but have quite a few hours in Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic and a few less in Transport Fever. Not sure if either are classed as a colony simulator or base builder. I guess I like to see things coming together and working, I’ve just entered my first winter but I should have plenty of food so my little guys seem fairly organised at the moment.

  • What’s your favorite other game? Why?
    Farming Simulator! Between FS 17 and FS 19 I have close to a thousand hours in the game, which is ruddy frightening when you convert that in to days and months! I find the game to be an almost zen-like experience, very calming after a hard day’s work.

  • What’s your opinion on Indie games vs big budget blockbusters?
    Not sure anything I’ve played over the last twenty years would be described as a big budget game. At any time I will be playing Farming Simulator and one other title, usually inspired by the aforementioned Colonel.

So far I’m thoroughly enjoying the game generally (there are a couple of irritants which I’ll feedback in the appropriate thread) and look forward to seeing how it progresses.




Hi BoxTunnel,

Welcome mate :slight_smile:

Its always good to read other players comments and suggestions, so hope to hear your thoughts in the future.

Welcome BoxTunnel! Now that is a colorful and fitting profile picture then :smiley:

Hello Gameworld,

My name is Sanshark and I love playing games. I find them relaxing. My all time favorite games to play are rpgs, and colony type building/ defending games. Throw some farming into it and you have me for endless hours.

I started playing games with my 3 sons when they were little and soon grew to love playing them even when they out grew them. Now I play them with my grandsons keeping the tradition going.

With some luck maybe I will be playing them with great grandsons one day until then thank you for proving countless hours of relaxation for me.




My name is Juliet and I’ve found this game just two days ago! I’m already in LOVE :heart_eyes: with it!
I’ve found it randomly on Reddit.

I’ve been playing other colony based games for many years now, the first one that really got me into this type of games was Banished.

My other favorite game is Crusader Kings 2, because I like “empire” building games that not only focus on politics and war, but also on dynasties and bloodlines.

Even though big blockbuster games are the ones that shape video games in general, indie games are also very important for the development of new ideas, promotion of gaming and the lives and careers of the creators and developers.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Welcome @4Yulik, glad you’re enjoying it!
Did you find it on /r/basebuildinggames or elsewhere?

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Yes, I think it was that subreddit! I’ve found there other cool games, but I don’t have enough time to play all of them :joy:

Hi, I picked an original name, lol, I saw a video of this game on youtube while looking for other game videos. I am 63 years old and have been playing computer games since 1995 or 96. I usually play rpgs but I have been a Sims fan since it came out and have played them all. I love this game! I love all of the different personalities and know them well. The building is fun and I can see this game developing into a modder’s heaven like the Sims did. What is great in FF is we don’t have to send them to the bathroom, etc. They know what to do for the most part and I give them space to chat, relax and spout off. I could go on and on but I won’t. lol Thank you for creating this game. :heart:


Hello All. Greetings from the far off land of New Zealand. Just a bit about myself. 35 years old and my day job
is a Manufacturing Systems Engineer, which is a fancy way of saying I do everything, Embedded software. Control systems software, CAD, Electronics design combined with a bit of project management and planning.

How did I find out about Founder’s Fortune?
Well Youtube. But in one of the stranger ways. After watching some youtube and having a not insignificant number of beers I fell asleep with youtube playing away happily. When I awoke youtube was still playing the way it just keeps loading new videos… and it was playing a playthrough video of Founder’s Fortune. It was one of those playthrough videos where the streamer deliberately tries to play the game the wrong way. Mudering colinists left and right for profit… I was soon laughing away. I liked the simple art style… Reminded me a lot of a awesome little indie game I got into years ago when it to was very much in alpha… Y’all may have heard of it… Kerbal Space Program.

Have you played other colony simulators before? Base building games? What do you like about them?
Heaps, heaps and heaps. My first was Sim City on my Atari ST… just go forwards from there, Sim City 2k, all the Civilisation series… Some games I’m playing right now. Automation Engineer, KSP always lots of KSP and pretty much whatever game I’m in the mood for Somedays it’s running around in KOTOR or KOTOR II, somedays I want fast paced action so Doom (2016) or one of the older Unreal Tournaments… or childhood classics like the C&C series (C&C 4 doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned).

What’s your favorite other game? Why?
I’ve been computer gaming for 30 years. Single player is definitely my groove. I’m not adverse to multiplayer games I love gaming with friends… but the online communitys are hopelessly toxic and there is no incentive for the companies to go on banning sprees because “Oh we’d loose lootbox income”
But if Steam can be believed… I play more KSP then anything else by at least a factor of 5, next game in the list being Skyrim with Inigo of course (I am such furry trash).

What’s your opinion on Indie games vs big budget blockbusters?
I love both. There are some great games out there big and small!

Now if you asked my opinion on Indie Studios vs The big evil 3 I ask just one thing.
What would KSP look like if it was developed by EA? (assuming you could even convince the bean counters that a game where you build rockets and have to learn orbital mechanics and quite some fancy maths would work)… You’d get a buggy on launch Highly polished, particle shader filled pile of dog turd. You can polish a dog turd as much as you like, but it’s still a turd.

I Think I’m going to try my hand at some modding… Never written code for an actual computer before… mostly embedded stuff. Have a local friend who runs a small Studio making his first Unity game now may be handy to know a bit of Unity stuff, maybe I could even do my own KSP mods… :smiley:

Keep up the good work. Hopefully this community can grow and more modders will turn up the way it happened with KSP… The development of KSP was very dependent on the modders and the greater KSP community.

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Hi @CheetorNZ and welcome!

Well, that’s an uncommon way to see Founders’ Fortune videos :smiley: It was probably the Letsgameitout video, lots of people loved that - and it is really funny.

One of KSP’s community managers early on @SkunkMonkey is here too by the way, just a couple of posts above you. I’m trying to make modding easy, but the KSP modding community is probably one of the highest bars there are :smiley:

I just checked the version history… it was 8 years ago when I got into KSP when it was not much like what it is now… It was more of a hillarious kerbal mudering simulator with a very creative view on ‘physics’. Half the fun was finding creative and unusual ways new ways to break the physics engine. Early days yet for FF. hope you get the chance to hae enough sales to be able to build FF to that level. :smiley:

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Thanks for the mention @Daniel! One of the big reasons KSP got as big as it did was due to its modability. The best part was how amazed HarvesteR (KSP creator) was at what modders were doing with the game.

Modding can give a game extreme lifetime too. Open as much as you can to modders and they will keep it around a long time.


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Welcome fellow kiwi , I’m the same age and have been playing games for 20 plus years where abouts are you from in NZ ? Alot of the games you mentioned I liked to like Kotor and Kotor 2 , what sort of game is your friend designing and does it have a website or anywhere we can see it’s development ?

Hi Guys!
I found your game on Steam and purchased it.
I have played many colony sims/base building games over the years. Most recently I’ve played and enjoyed Rimworld and Oxygen Not Included.
My “Favorite Game” is the one I’m playing and enjoying at the moment and return to when I want to play something fun.
In my opinion, well done Indie games are very bit as good as the pricey big budget games. I’ve played everything Bethesda and would say that Stardew Valley is just as enjoyable.

I like where you are going with Founders’ Fortune and hope you continue to expand and improve it.

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I just had to respond to a fellow Atarian!
My first computer was the Atari 800 (purchased new in 1980). I still have it along with the XE and ST (all purchased new). One of the saddest moments of my life was when I finally had to admit that Atari was dead and I had to move to the PC.
I started teaching myself programming by studying and modifying Atari Basic games.
I’m a recently retired software developer now and I’ve started dabbling with Unity.