How to survive winter?


after 4 trys i still cannot get past the 1st winter. any tips?
Starvation is killing me :smiley:

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Have food stock in priority. It is difficult to say what you do wrong without more information. I guess you quickly advance the first year and have many colonists to feed. Beware if you have any overeaters. You won’t have nearly enough apples, you need to rely on potatoes and tomatoes. Other food is a big step up. If you can make water well, make it, and equip your farmers with water can. Also you may want 3 farmers. 2 should get you through the first winter though, possibly even 1.

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Welcome to the forums, @Vlambulance!
I second @Malhalla’s advice, especially the tidbit about watering plants. Try to have about 30 food per colonist for winter. Also, you can set it to “small food rations” in the heart panel of each colonist.


I had about 3 colonists, 1 farmer, and about 10tomatos and 10 potatoes farm.
I did try it again after i did make this topic and i did survive, i only died becouse of a sudden tiki attack of 4 goblins haha :smiley: so hard to manage everything xO

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Yes i did try that and i did survive 1st winter thank you ! :smiley:

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Is it better to have for example 30 cooked food instead of 30 raw food? or better have it in a mix-mix?


They will always try to eat the best food first. The only thing you need to do is fulfill their expectations for new Migrants to arrive. Glad you’re starting to survive!