How to pay wages?


They want to be paid but I do not know how to do it …

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Select a colonist, and there is a column with 4 elements:
A green smiley, a red hearth, a hammer and a brown bag.
Select the brown bag. Then adjacent to it will appear “Payment in coins pr day”.

Seems pay occur at midnight.
Then you can reduce it to zero again if you only wish to make it as a one time pay.


here the answer:

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Uhmm… Jordan, what are you planning…?



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Shhhhh PONZEL ! close your eyes :rofl: i downloaded it cuz it look like a crap film that you watch with brain off :’)

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My colonist payments reset to zero every day, is it supposed to be like that? It is very bothersome for those that want 2 coin a day. Also find this to be very steep early game. Not much to sell that’s sustainable early on.


Maybe you doesn’t have sufficient money for more day so it reset ? i’ve not this problem :thinking: you can sell stone and wood for starting money then iron and tools etc fore MORE money ^^


Of cos it was because I had no coin :slight_smile:


how do u keep the balance of selling and building up to their needs ? or do u settle all their needs with pays ??? does that even work to just sell everything ??? what do u build with ???


i make many wood in start so i can sell like 30%/40% it’s juste business thing and balancing is being patched anyway don’t worry :slight_smile:

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