Creative / Build mode planned?



i’m a french new player of FoundersFortune and i really like the game but after some time of play i would like to build without ennemies destroying your work and i would like to know if the dev have planner in the future any peacefull / build / creative mode for the game ?


Hi @JordanPANDA, welcome to the forum!

We’re thinking about it. The colony should feel alive so it’s not going to be a full-on creative mode. Maybe just turning off the goblins? No promises :slight_smile:

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could be a great idea just turning off gobelins for me or just turning off the attack non need to be full creative i love the idea of working to build just hate the tikigoblins destroying all so easily :stuck_out_tongue:

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I usually love creative/building mode but with this game its so simply easy to build and it takes no time at all so Im good without it -would love a second floor - unless I just havent gotten that far in research yet.


Welcome to the forums @Tyiarra!

A second floor is one of my favorite features as well :smiley:
It’s not in the game yet and the reason is that it takes quite some time to program. If we manage to get enough funding to continue development, that’s going to be a high-priority point on my list for sure!


Count on me - I will be donating!!