Burying the dead


Hi, my camp got attacked and now their trying to bury the dead, but when I click on the body to be buried they go up and then they just stop and go do something else. I tried saving twice and loading the game again to see if that would clear it up, but the same thing happens again. So, I tried to save to a brand new slot that has not been used and I get the same thing.

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HI @KiraLoving!
I’m guessing there are no empty graves left in the vicinity, could you check that?

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There were empty graves I had them just build them at the time. What I had to do to fix was have them build new ones and then they could bury them. When they were attacked again they use the graves that they could not use before.

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Hm, alright.
If you have a savegame where this happens or if it happens again, feel free to send me your savegame file, so I can investigate!